Sharing the Joys of Life

A committed relationship is one where both people feel comfortable. Being able to relax together means good conversation, and it can also be a time when the need to just sit without talking can be important. Many people look for a partner based on a series of needs, but few of them consider sharing the joys of life to be a necessity. When one person is happy, the other should be able to share it. This compounds their joy exponentially. A good relationship works this way, and it should be one of the most important measurements of any relationship that will flourish as time passes.

Getting a promotion

Many of today’s professionals are focused heavily on their careers, and getting a promotion that has been a long time in the works can be a time of joy. Bringing the news to a long term partner is generally a time when both are happy. When two singles are first together, it could be difficult to share that joy as a couple. The thought that their dates will need to be curtailed for one person’s new responsibilities at work could throw off the other partner’s ability to share the joy. This may be an indicator that the relationship is not meant to be a permanent one.

Reaching a goal

Dating can often be a time when learning about another person is a time-consuming activity, but that is all part of what it takes to form a relationship. It may not seem important when one partner is bubbling over about reaching a goal, but recognising their achievement and sharing it matters. Whether it was a goal they recently chose or one that they have spent a lifetime chasing makes little difference if it is not appreciated. Taking an extra step to celebrate their accomplishment shows a person cares enough to be involved in their happiness. This can help for a good relationship that may become a long term one.

Choosing goals together

Couples who have been dating with an eye towards forming a long term relationship should share more than just joy at their own accomplishments. It can be good for them to make plans for their future, so choosing goals together could be one way to cement their relationship. They may decide they want to take a year to figure out the vacation of a lifetime, or they could decide that learning how to master a particular hobby together is an accomplishment worthy of their time.

A successful relationship that will last over time is about finding a compatible partner, but success still requires an investment of time and effort. For those who used a matching service, the relationship may have a better opportunity to progress or they can bide their time by seeing fun dates. The couple will still need to find ways to share the joys of their own lives with each other. Recognising the importance of sharing accomplishments, promotions and even making plans for future goals could all point in the direction of a lifetime of happiness.